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Frequently Asked Questions



How can your company help me grow my business?

HPFS LLC improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ operations with a balanced approach, focused on increasing revenues and cutting costs. We help clients align business activities to a “critical few” priorities and strike a balance between short-term and long-term goals. Using external benchmarks and deploying best practices, we accelerate clients’ growth and increase effectiveness. Our systemic changes lead to sustainable results.


Do you prepare tax returns?


Yes, we do prepare corporate tax returns/  By focusing exclusively on accounting services, we ensure that your books and records are clean, accurate to the penny.  If you choose to use another financial services organization (or one of our CPA partners), we will send the financial documents to your accountant in plenty of time to meet important deadlines throughout the year. We are confident your accountant or CPA will appreciate our professionalism and find it much easier to prepare your tax returns. If you don't currently have a CPA, we can refer you to any of our local Professional Partners and all of your financial records can be seamlessly forwarded to them at any time.​


What the benefits of outsourcing my accounting functions?

Hiring a highly experienced and knowledgeable financial services company can increase the efficiency of your operations by standardizing your accounting functions, applying the most current best practices and procedures to your record-keeping and ensuring your regulatory reporting requirements are met. An outsourced Accountant will provide cost savings by reducing your capital expenditures in areas such as: hiring, benefits, training, office space and technology upgrades, just to name a few. With the day-to-day functions of accounting covered, you can spend more time actually using your financial information to see patterns and trends, manage your cash flow, prepare more realistic budgets, make strategic business decisions, and plan for your company's future.


How do I get my information to you?

We can receive your information in several ways: By email, using one of our apps for receipt-capture or by using Dropbox or other large-file transfer service; by USPS or other Postal Carrier like UPS and Federal Express (we suggest sending the information by special services for faster results); or via fax. For our local clients, we can pick-up and deliver your documents on a regularly scheduled basis, or as needed. A small trip fee will be included in your package for this service. Our pickup area is a 15-mile radius.


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