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Hope Professional Financial Services, LLC is a specialized financial services company.  We concentrate on providing our clients with General and Cost Accounting (Pricing, Budget Proposals, Tracking Expenses, and Indirect Rate Determinations), Business Development and Solutions, Debt Recovery and Supply Chain/Logistics coordination (Planning, Procurement and Inventory Management).    We strive to make sure that our clients (Contractors, Non-Profits, and Small Businesses) are able to submit bids and budget proposals with confidence and assurance that they will be financially sound.
To help our clients achieve maximum efficiency, we also provide services for Strategic Budgeting and Planning (Growth Expansion), Project Management and Business Analysis.  Our staff is trained and certified within the industries listed above to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. 
With HPFS LLC, clients will be able to spend more time building their business, receive accurate and timely financial statements and reports, and rely on partnerships with local CPA firms for tax services.

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“Their proactive approach and follow-up with very detailed reporting, accurately and fundamentally explains a businesses’ current financial situation.  They present the big picture and a thorough and detailed plan for proceeding in the future.  Hope Professional Financial Service has our highest recommendation.”

- Barbara Williams,

Director of

Simply Gorgeous International

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