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Repaving the Road to Opportunity- Van Fundraiser

Repaving the Road to Opportunity- Van Fundraiser

Why should I have dreams if I can not fulfill them?

- Mytazia Coles age 13

I realized isolation is the Silent Killer of the most amazing dreams I have ever heard from girls in our community. It is our responsibility to ensure each girl has access to every resource necessary to achieve her dream said Angela Patton - CEO of Girls For A Change.

Since we have opened our center we have come across instances in which parents want to send their daughters to our program for out-of-school activities. Unfortunately, too many working families, are isolated from education and employment because of limited or no access to transportation as well. Lack of access to transportation can limit a person’s ability to go to school, hold a job, and take part in the community.

Due to our current lack of sufficient funds our center cannot purchase a van to transport girls from school to our center and community activities. Without reliable transportation, we are unable to serve girls who could benefit from being in a safe, supportive learning environment. We aim to reach as many girls in Central Virginia as possible! Funds are needed to purchase a van to transport girls to our center where they can get ahead of the learning curve, grow up a safe and healthy environment, finish high school continues their education, love where she works, and give back to their communities.

Do one thing today...Donate and join Girls For A Change's 30 day- Fundraising Challenge to purchase a van for the center. It may sound like a big endeavor. Well, it is. But with some brainstorming, help from friends and family, time and passion We can do and We will win!

If you have a van or bus you aren't using or know of someone who does or if you can help us to get one PLEASE HELP!!! Call 804-420- 2267 or email our CEO at for more information or visit our Go Fund Me page to make a donation TODAY!

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